It’s about equipping you to create streams of income in your business

Hi, I’m Maima.

As a cash flow strategist, writing coach, and copywriter, I help aspiring authors, speakers, coaches, consultants, teachers, small to midsize businesses, marketers, and solopreneurs leverage their content for multiple streams of income.

My mission is to equip you to package and monetize your content so as to create streams of income in your business.

My guiding philosophy in business is summed up in this quote: “You can have everything in life if you will just help enough other people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

I am the author of “Write to Create Wealth Streams” written in 2014 and is currently off the market to be put in an expanded version. As a certified business coach, certified marketing advisor, certified content marketer, and storyteller, I have been writing plays, skits, and marketing content for over 14 years.

As an English major, my passion is writing and creating content for teaching, marketing, and instruction.

I believe the written word gives feet and hands to your unique thoughts, ideas, and voice — going and touching the lives of those who want to hear from you. . . And I would be honored to equip you  to leverage yours.

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